Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter Fun part 2

Our second Easter celebration was with a great group of families and their awesome kids. We may not all know each other but we all feel like we do.

This annual Easter Egg hunt is put on by "my" Local Food Allergy Support Group. If you are in the Columbus Ohio area, please feel free to check out our site.

Columbus Ohio food allergy support

Our awesome founder Dena organizes this every year--and this years hunt was also sponsored by Midwest Allergy. There was no food at the hunt at all for the safety and comfort of the kids. Who needs food to have fun anyways? Not these kids!

The girls loved the bean bag races. I know it was one of Hannah's favorite part of the day!

The kids thought it was funny to "toss the ring" with Dena. Who (as always) is a great sport!

Each kid got 14 eggs to find! (At H's age group)

After finding their eggs, they could open them and keep what they got OR trade it in at one of the baskets.

This year H saw something that she didn't see before or wasn't old enough to really think about. Some of the older kids were helping out with the games and they had on epi pen carriers. H was really excited about it. She talked about them the whole time and even wanted me to take a picture so she can remember what they look like when she can self carry.

The girls had no idea that they were being such an awesome role-model for Hannah...but they really were! She is excited about having her own case now and taking it EVERYWHERE she goes. Which is so important. I am trying to drill it in her head, you take it everywhere you go. Even if you aren't eating a bite.

Another amazing food allergy egg hunt goes by and we can't wait till next year! Even H thinks that maybe next year she can help with the older girls :)

This is our yearly pic with Dena and Hannah!!

I love My food allergy support group. I also love my online twitter #foodallergymomarmy that is also my sanity when it comes to living with food allergies. Please consider looking for a local support group if you don't belong to one. You will love it--check out FARE's page on how to find local groups!

FARE--find YOUR local group

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