Friday, July 29, 2011

A short time ago--I had a great opportunity to try the new Enjoy Life crispy cookies. A big thank you to Alina for giving us this awesome chance to try out the new products!!!

I am not the expert in the house in cookies--nor am I the one with the food allergy. So I turned the review over the the house cookie expert. Hannah.

It took her awhile to get thru all 4 boxes. All 4 new awesome flavors. She liked all 4 right off the bat.

The flavors of the new crispy cookies are Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Sugar Crisp, and Vanilla Honey.

The chocolate chip and double chocolate were her original favorite--but as time passed she would ask specifically for the vanilla honey or the sugar crisp. Although this is mostly because she isn't really a chocolate fan in general and has nothing to do with the cookie!

I seriously couldn't pick a favorite. Like Hannah, I leaned toward the non chocolate but liked the double chocolate with a cup of coffee.

The only thing that we would change is the size of the cookie box(bit bigger would be nice) and it would be nice if they came in resealable packaging.

What I do currently is take cookies out of original package and put in large ziplock bag so they stay fresher longer!!

An awesome product as always from Enjoy Life!!!

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