Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not prepared AND flipping out

I am flipping out. Totally. I know I should be excited that Hannah will be going to kindergarten this fall, but I am an anxious mess.

I know I need to think clearly and figure out a plan of action, but I can't even think right now.

We met with both kindergarten teachers this evening and I spoke to one about Hannah having a peanut allergy. I feel like she brushed me off and didn't get how concerned I was. This led me to panic internally.

Maybe every parent going through the same thing feels the same way. Maybe it's just a general feeling of "no one understands how serious" this is like I do. Maybe I am over reacting (gasp! Me?)

So many "maybes"...

She stated that she would have Hannah bring her own safe snack from home daily. Ok I am ok with that--it singles her at as being different but that doesn't seem to bother her. But what she said next is what threw me into a tail spin of "what?" She stated that most kids know what they can and can't eat. Really? In kindergarten? Did that mean she expects the child to decide if the food is "safe" in their own? Expect them to read labels and decide? In kindergarten?

Maybe I am too protective--but that doesn't sound very safe to me.

Before I asked to her clarify--she walked away. In her defense, maybe I just read to much into what she said. I do tend to over think things.

Food allergy parents..I am asking for input and advice here. This is so new to me.

We are SO blessed with awesome preschool teachers who are totally allergy aware and are great at reading labels. They do everything in their power to ensure Hannah is not left out.

We won't even know who her kindergarten teacher is until August. There is a new principal starting next year as well.

Please help a food allergy momma out here.

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