Friday, April 26, 2013

Ugh ice cream! What?!?

This evening Hannah told me that their class will be taking a walking field trip to the police station and getting ice cream at the local ice cream shop afterwards. That's what she heard at school anyways.

Then she became very upset. Anxious and crying that she wouldn't be safe there.

I am at a loss. I wasn't even told of this stop for ice cream. In fact, I am pretty darn certain that an ice cream shop is pretty dangerous for a someone with a life threatening peanut allergy. It's a very high level of possible (likely) cross contamination

I am not sure what to do. I sent an email to the teacher asking if in fact this was happening. I am praying that its not.

I hate seeing her scared. It's such a fine line between being very cautious and being anxious when it comes to food allergies.

I am praying that her teacher is able to get her email this weekend, AND I am praying that Hannah misunderstood something and they aren't stopping there.

I hate food allergies!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Birthday party blues

This week was the first time(although I am sure it won't be the last) that we had to decline a birthday party invitation because of food allergies.

Hannah has been invited to SO many parties this year that its made my head spin. We even had 3 more invites in this past week alone. One of them though I had to decline politely.

After speaking with the guardian, I realized that it wasn't going to be a safe environment for Hannah. The guardian wanted all the parents to simply drop off the kids and not stay. She was unable to tell me what food would be present and was very unaware about food allergies. She was very kind when asking if Hannah knew what she could/couldn't eat and if she could give herself her meds if needed. I explained to her that a 6 year old cant be responsible for giving life saving meds if they can't breath. I can't say for sure, but I feel like she didn't understand the severity of anaphylaxis and cross contamination.

I always try to educate people about food allergies whenever possible, so I explained a bit about anaphylaxis and what could happen. She listened but still was unable to tell me what food would be present.

Needless to say, this is a party that is not safe for her to attend. When I explained it to Hannah, she became anxious at the idea of me not being there. I don't blame her one bit. I already planned on declining the invite.

Out of curiosity, I asked her what she thought. She told me that she didn't want to go because she wasn't sure that she would be safe. She was not comfortable with the situation and told me that. I am proud of her. It's a hard decision and a mature decision to chose safety over the fun of a party.

I know she was disappointed though however I am proud of the choice she made on her own. I am SO proud of my kindergartener.

I am proud of her on so many levels, and this is yet another level where I thank the good Lord that she is cautious about her peanut allergy.

She is my life and I love her

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter Fun part 2

Our second Easter celebration was with a great group of families and their awesome kids. We may not all know each other but we all feel like we do.

This annual Easter Egg hunt is put on by "my" Local Food Allergy Support Group. If you are in the Columbus Ohio area, please feel free to check out our site.

Columbus Ohio food allergy support

Our awesome founder Dena organizes this every year--and this years hunt was also sponsored by Midwest Allergy. There was no food at the hunt at all for the safety and comfort of the kids. Who needs food to have fun anyways? Not these kids!

The girls loved the bean bag races. I know it was one of Hannah's favorite part of the day!

The kids thought it was funny to "toss the ring" with Dena. Who (as always) is a great sport!

Each kid got 14 eggs to find! (At H's age group)

After finding their eggs, they could open them and keep what they got OR trade it in at one of the baskets.

This year H saw something that she didn't see before or wasn't old enough to really think about. Some of the older kids were helping out with the games and they had on epi pen carriers. H was really excited about it. She talked about them the whole time and even wanted me to take a picture so she can remember what they look like when she can self carry.

The girls had no idea that they were being such an awesome role-model for Hannah...but they really were! She is excited about having her own case now and taking it EVERYWHERE she goes. Which is so important. I am trying to drill it in her head, you take it everywhere you go. Even if you aren't eating a bite.

Another amazing food allergy egg hunt goes by and we can't wait till next year! Even H thinks that maybe next year she can help with the older girls :)

This is our yearly pic with Dena and Hannah!!

I love My food allergy support group. I also love my online twitter #foodallergymomarmy that is also my sanity when it comes to living with food allergies. Please consider looking for a local support group if you don't belong to one. You will love it--check out FARE's page on how to find local groups!

FARE--find YOUR local group

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter (safe) Fun part 1

I love Easter--it's the time of year that always amazes me. It's amazing what Jesus did for me...and for you. So yes I love Easter!

But on the flip side of that, I am scared of Easter. It just around Easter that Hannah had her first reaction around 4 years ago. That always weighs on the back of my mind. But I don't want her to focus on that and "ruin" the holiday. I want her to have a happy and safe holiday. So I try not to let my anxiety show.

We have two Easter celebrations that we attend every year. Our church has a yearly Easter celebration that includes an egg hunt, games, and of course the Easter Bunny that is open to the public. Of course there are cupcakes, cake walk, chocolate, and candy galore. But there is more...there is understanding and love for those with food allergies.

When we walked in the door, this sign greeted us. I can't tell you how excited Hannah was. Of course, I had a ziplock bag of candy in my purse but its not the same when you are 6 years old.

Hannah was so excited to find the nut free candy--and picked out what she was comfortable with(tootsie rolls, dots)

At each game--there was a bucket with peanut free candy as well. But many of the prizes of the games, were NOT food. It was great!

An event where we felt pretty comfortable and everyone had a great time.

Enjoy the pictures--I hope to get Easter part 2 up by Friday!!

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Fear and Anxiety

Thank you all for your patience over my blogging break. I hope you are all still here with me :)

Honestly a lot of the reason I didn't blog was because I felt I had nothing new and important to say to all of you. Nothing that you haven't heard before--I didn't think that my feelings/anxieties/fears were pertinent enough to post. I do now.

Maybe I am alone in my fears, maybe my anxiety mid day at work about Hannah having a reaction makes me different than others. But maybe someone else has the same fears, same alone feeling and just maybe we can help each other :)

I am going to be re-doing my whole blog over the next month as I have grown since we got our diagnosis, it only makes sense that my blog does too.

Thank you all!! Can't wait to get back into the groove of things! I am seriously so excited!!

Hope all you and your families had a safe Easter!!

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