Monday, November 25, 2013

New and Improved Chewy Bars!!

Awhile ago we were went sent
the new and improved chewy bars from Enjoy Life to try out and give our honest opinion on.

Quick disclaimer, I was not paid to blog this and I gave our (my peanut allergic daughter and I) honest thoughts :)

I know Hannah was a bit excited and a bit nervous about trying them out. She has never been a fan of the chewy bars, she simply doesn't like the texture. It isn't just Enjoy Life chewy bars textures is basically ANY food with similar texture.

She laid out all the boxes and decided which ones she would try and which ones she would let me try. Lol.

In fact the only one that she didn't try was the SunButter. Which wasn't a surprise to me as she doesn't like anything even resembling peanut butter.

She tried the other 3 though, and so did I. We did notice a big improvement on the texture from the last ones that we tried. They were softer (less "grainy"?) and had better flavor.

Neither one of us still was a fan of the Carmel apple or the mixed berry. HOWEVER we both really found one that we both loved--which was totally due to the improved recipe!

We are totally excited to add another Enjoy Life food to our list of favorites. My personal favorite was the Sunbutter. The taste and texture is perfect now. They are the perfect size to toss in my purse or in the glovebox in the car!

Hannah's favorite is the Cocoa Loco. She eats them at home, she also packs them in her book bag for a safe snack.

Thank you Enjoy Life for improving your product--we recommend them to our friends with food allergies AND our friends without them!!!