Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday party blues

When I got to school yesterday Hannah was totally excited because a little friend handed out invites to a birthday party at school.

This is first time attending a birthday party other than family who, of course, is familiar with her allergy.

After reading the invite, I found out that it's at a pizza restaurant that I don't trust to be honest and second it's on FRIDAY. As in tomorrow. The invite was given out yesterday. That is totally short notice!

I talked to my #foodallergy friends on twitter a bit last night. To get their advice as some of them have dealt with similar situations.

What I heard seems to match my initial thought. Take our own food and "cake treat". I put a call in to the mom(whom I don't know) so I could RSVP and also explain the allergy situation so she will be aware we have to bring food in for Hannah's safety.

Hannah seems just fine with bringing safe food and just wants to see her friends. I am trying to teach her that good, fun times do not revolve around food.

Have any of you dealt with this? How did you handle?

Oh and does anyone have a yummy recipe for peanut free cupcake?? Or know of a "safe" mix? Lol I need one super quick!!

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allergy mama said...

I carry a travel container of baby wipes in my purse, you may want to take one along. It comes in handy for wiping the table and other surfaces that are high contact. Also awesome for wiping off contact reaction areas to slow or stop the reaction. Have fun. Remember, the important thing is that she gets to hang with her friends, and together you can make that happen!

Cassandra said...

hope she has a wonderful time!

HannahsMomma said...

I never thought of baby wipes--that's a great idea! I am going to buy a few small packs at store this weekend to keep on hand. This is why I love talking to other FA parents :) We can trade and discuss ideas :)

Thanks ladies--we are going to do our best to have a good and SAFE time!!