Sunday, October 24, 2010

planning for a peanut free trick or treat

Geez it's been forever since I have been able to blog. My laptop doesn't work good anymore so have to blog from my phone. Not a simple task for me since this blogging thing is new to me.

It's nearly Halloween and trick or treat time. This will be Hannah's first year going. She wanted to go last year but ended up falling asleep in her costume. Lol.

After much debate--I decided that we would have "safe"(peanut free) candy here at the house. Once we got back to house, we would switch out the unsafe for the safe candy. We are only going to a few houses here by our house anyways. I was concerned that she might be upset because she couldn't have certain candy(realistically most of it) even though she does understand her allergy. If I tell her a food isn't safe, she normally accepts it and moves on. Although I have been getting a lot of "why does it have peanuts?" lately.

So we had a trial run at my work when they had a scavenger hunt for candy. I brought a bag of safe Candy to give her if needed. Needless to say, it was. There was only one station that she could partake in...and it was silly bands. She did not care that she couldn't have the candy there..she told me that she was super happy that I had safe candy. So I think Halloween will be just fine. She is so excited to go trick or treating this year, so I am determined to make it safe and fun for her.

This is last year--shortly before she fell asleep and missed trick or treat lol

This year--right before the Halloween Scavenger Hunt at work.

I am super paranoid about Halloween candy. Because most of the candy allergy info is printed on the big bag that it came in...not the individual bags inside. Many people don't understand that it just not peanuts she can't have. Its also candy made in the same facility with peanuts present. That really narrows down the choices A LOT. So if I am not 110% sure its safe...then we say its not safe. Its ridiculous to take a chance with Halloween candy of all things.

I did see a few options at the store this year for non food/peanut free trick or treat items. I bought a bag of mini play doughs,  bag of mini raisin boxes, and 2 bags of peanut free candy to give out as well. 

Our trick or treat is this Thursday so we will see how it goes. I hope all of you have a safe and fun Halloween! Remember your epi pen on trick or treat night even if you are just going around the neighborhood!

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