Sunday, December 5, 2010

Breakfast with Santa and other holiday joy

 Last weekend, Hannah and I put up the Christmas tree. I love putting up the tree and looking at all the ornaments and the memories. This year I was able to show Hannah the ornaments that were my favorites when I was a kid. or the ones I made for my mom when I was a kid. Then I showed her which ones were given to her the last few years from grandparents and aunts/uncles. We danced to Christmas music and sang the whole time!

 We went yesterday to the "Breakfast with Santa" at our Church. I knew that there would be tons of non safe home baked goodies there but I also knew that there would be games and of course Santa. I don't want her missing out on fun activities because there is unsafe food. She really did SO GOOD!! My big girl walked right past the huge tables of unsafe foods without a glance or a peep. Its like they didn't even exist!

Her attention was directed at the "reindeer games" they had all around the gym, the craft areas, and then eventually Santa. Although she wasn't too sure about the guy in red at first. We were there playing games and doing crafts for nearly 3 hours--it was a great morning!!! 

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