Tuesday, April 13, 2010

how making calzones gave me a great idea!

It all started out innocently thanks to my friend Jess (zookeeperjess) who gave me a yummy homemade calzone recipe. I let Hannah do a majority of the prepwork. She had a ball smearing the pizza sauce all over the dough, putting the cheese on(one shred at a time lol) and covering it all in pepperoni. After it baked, we ate them like they were going out of style. Then she told me "These are my new favorite AND the neat thing was I made them" That got me thinking....

Usually when someone has an allergic reaction, it happens in a restaurant or at someone's house(who doesnt quite understand the allergy)..what if I try to instill a love of cooking in Hannah. She might be less likely to go out and eat because she will prefer to do it herself. Now I realize that she will still go out to eat, but enjoying/loving to create her own "safe" dishes will certainly be helpful in her lifetime. Especially if we learn to make recipes "safe" that she might not be able to eat otherwise. 

If you know me at all, you might be giggling a bit. While I can cook, I am still fairly new at the game. But I am willing to learn more and if the calzones are any indication, it could be fun :)

We prepared corn on the cob and pasta salad this evening and she thought shucking corn was the best time ever :) At this point, there are limits on how she can help but its a great start for sure!


zookeeperjess said...

The calzones are a big hit with anyone that tries them, I do believe! My kids also have a blast making the calzones so I bet Hannah just loved it!

Starting her so early while she already loves cooking will help her to enjoy making things herself, I'm sure! How wonderful will it be for her to not have to worry about her allergy and eating out when she's older?

Good job mom!! :)

Mama Campbell said...

Oh, thank you again for emailing hte calzones recipe. I've made it several times since you sent it! I'm addicted!!

btw-I gave you an award here: