Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sick of being sick "again"

I have been trying to get on here the last few days but Hannah has been sick.

She had a small stuffy nose a few weeks back when I was dealing with the longest head cold ever. But it never seemed more than just sniffles. Fast forward about a week later, she was stuffy again but this time I heard some wheezing.

Now the ped has never came out and said that Hannah has asthma. I know that she doesn't like to "label" at this age and I guess I can understand that. She has said that she has R.A.D. (reactive airway disease) and is prone to things like croup and wheezing when she is sick.

So yea, I am hearing wheezing. Since I know it's her normal MO, I simply give her albuterol. She is running around the house like a normal 4 year old.

I can't tell you what made me call the Ped for an appt. Looking back I can't say why exactly. But I did. Hubby calls it my super mommy instinct lol.

But it turns out that she has a bit of pnemonia on her right side. Now looking at this child, you can't tell that she is sick. She is full of energy and wanting to play constantly.

One of my friends commented "she's sick AGAIN?" and it made me think. I don't think that she is really sick that much but others seem to think so. I thought about my food allergy friends online--their kids are prone to sickness more than "the average"

I did a quick search on google about food allergies and a lower immune system. I only had a few minutes to look but I could not find anything concrete on that correlation. But it makes me think.

Does the allergy itself(the histamine)suppress the immune system or could it be the modified diet that has to be adopted after diagnosis?

I am curious. Do you think your food allergy child is sick more than the "norm"?? How do you help boost their immunity?

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