Monday, January 31, 2011

"They will have to deal with it"

I am not often appalled by people's comments or their behavior. Today was one of a few times. Perhaps I am just spoiled by the parents in H's class as they try to follow the rules regarding Peanuts in the classroom. Some have even approached me asking what they can bring so she can be safe and not feel left out. They do not want to do anything that could cause her harm. I like to think most parents are that way--no one wants to cause another child harm.

I was in the store earlier and spoke to a lady who was checking out a huge box of peanut butter crackers. She stated that they were for her son's classroom. Then she got this sneer(no other way to describe it honestly) and said "we aren't supposed to bring in peanut stuff but its his favorite snack. They will just have to deal with it"

When people say things like that, I always try to tell myself that they simply need more education on the subject. Before Hannah had her first reaction, I knew next to nothing about anaphylaxis. I am aware of that and I understand that most people do not understand the complex nature of food allergies. That being said, I would NOT go against the class rules and knowingly bring in something that would harm another child. That's blatant disregard of rules and safety.

I was at work during this conversation and was not able to say anything to her. Honestly, I am not even sure if I would have otherwise. It was obvious that she knew that there were children with allergies and she still choose to bring in something that could harm them, because it was what her son wanted. I don't think any words would get through to her, sadly.

All I can say is that I am SO thankful that H's teachers are allergy aware and SO extremely cautious about what foods come in the classroom for snack. I also hope that she changes her mind and brings in a snack that is safe for all the children in the classroom.


Zookeeper Jess said...

*sigh* I wish people would *get* it. Uneducated on the matter is *usually* the case but when it comes to people like my mother in law who knows the dangers when we've told her repeatedly, and she still gives them peanut products etc, then it's just stupidity!

allergy mama said...

If you can not attack the person, you can make them think about how it will effect their child. Often if there is a no peanut policy, the teacher will not (knowingly) serve products with peanut in them. Thus, if she sends a birthday snack with nuts it will not be served. Who suffers here? Her poor kiddo who just wanted to share a birthday treat with his peers. In order to keep him from feeling sad because he could not share, perhaps pointing out that he won't be able to share may help coax her into making a safer decision. The bottom line is that *most* moms want the best for their child, even if they can not see how that may impact the other children in the room. Slide in under the radar if it easier or more appropriate than direct confrontation.

Thanita said...

What AllergyMama said!! I find it helpful by doing the same. Explaining the effects food allergies have on my child. The life/death situations. The fears, the ER visits. Although I liked our twitter friend formally known as @skyegiggles solution; "U shld given her wedgie... but if it's ur fave hobby she'll have 2 deal with it. HA!”.

HannahsMomma said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! I love the support that I get from all of you on twitter!!