Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter candy, chocolate, and Epi-pens oh my!

As a parent of a PA(peanut allergy) child, we always feel like there are peanuts lurking behind every door and around every corner on a daily basis. Its SO much worse around holidays--because it seems every holiday must be celebrated with some sort of sweet candy or chocolate. I can't count how many packages of chocolate/candy I have picked up just to sit right back down because they were "unsafe" due to possible cross contamination. I really don't even bother looking anymore--I just tell her they all have peanuts. I am happy that she accepts this at this age--I am sure she will be having me check every label as she gets older though LOL

Even walking past the holiday displays, I feel the need to double check that we always have our epi pen within arms reach and that they are kept correctly/not expired. Its almost a compulsion at this point(which is probably not a bad thing but a tad obsessive admittedly)

I think that we are lucky in the fact that Hannah has never had a basket full of chocolate goodies to miss now that she is diagnosed with her peanut allergy. We don't need to try to change traditions on her midway through her childhood. We are able to start our own traditions free of chocolate and candies.

Ive been thinking of ideas for non food items for her Easter basket. Yes I am a bit behind this year but it snuck up on me. I have come up with quite a few ideas between myself and some helpful friends from facebook. Some of these would be good ideas when a parent needs to take peanut free treats(or any food allergy) to a classroom party. 

Here they are in no specific order. Thanks to everyone on facebook for your ideas. If you can think of anything else, feel free to add a comment:)

Sidewalk chalk, jump rope, stickers, hair ties, new sippy cups, silly putty, play doh, sunglasses, small craft items, new markers/crayons, puzzles, coloring books, pinwheels, bubbles, match box cars, bakugan, lego sets, books, soft football/baseball, DVD, stuffed animals, flip flops, and the list could go on and on. Another friend suggested for an older child, perhaps putting change/money into plastic eggs as well. Last year an Easter themed Mr Potato Head was a huge hit at our house.

However if your child DOES have a sweet tooth--there ARE peanut free options for Easter(and other holidays/day to day) available. Check out these really great companies that cater to the allergic child and family! Also, a cool thing, on the allerneeds website--you can actually search by specific allergy(not just peanut/tree nut)

I am always trying to look on the bright side--since most of the "unsafe" foods out there for Hannah are not exactly healthy. So if there HAS to be a bright side, she has a very healthy diet :)

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Mama Campbell said...

I wouldn't have thought about all different candies out there that are unsafe due to cross contamination. It seems like peanuts are everywhere, so HUGE kudos to you for doing such a great job with Hannah! Way to go Mama!