Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Play dates and pretzels

I knew the time would come eventually. I admit that I hoped that if I didn't think about it, maybe it wouldn't happen anytime soon.

Hannah was invited to her little friends house for a play date. Of course, she has been to other homes but I have always been there. This was her first time to go by herself.

Thankfully I am friends with this mom(we will call her Abby for her privacy) and I know that she is familiar with food allergies/ epi pens as she is a teacher.

Still I was nervous. Ok not quite true...I was an anxious mess. My head was filled with "what if" scenarios.

We packed a safe snacks and I reminded her of our food allergy rules. The rules boil down to if you didn't bring it from home, don't eat it. Even if you have had it before. Even if you are certain it is safe. Don't eat it. End of story. Just don't.

I was so fixated on that, I nearly forgot to do the last minute review of manners. I knew Abby would not give food, because we already discussed it and felt us bringing snack was best option. Still I was nervous.

We got there and the girls ran upstairs with their American girl dolls.

Abby and I chatted for awhile. Then we sat and chatted a bit more. We had a great time and good laughs but I digress.

I decided to go ahead and leave so that Hannah could gain some confidence in play date scenarios on her own. I trust Abby so that made it a bit easier.

After the play date, I asked Hannah how snack time went. She looked at me surprised and said "don't you know that we were having so much fun that we didn't want to stop for a snack? Fun with friends is much more fun than food anyways"

Out of the mouth of babes

Will I be nervous next time? Probably so. Will I review our food allergy rules? Of course.

But hopefully next time will be a bit easier (for me) and she will gain confidence on how to manage situations with every play date.

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