Saturday, May 11, 2013

Let us eat cake--hopefully?!

Hey friends--

I am sitting here waiting and hoping. I wanted to make a cake for Hannah's baptism tomorrow. Then I ran into a problem, I couldn't find my trusty tried-and-true favorite cake recipe.

After a full search I ended up searching for one online that sounded comparable. I made it up and switched out all-purpose flour to cake flour like I have always done.

Then I ran into possible problem number #2. The cake batter. It looked thinner than I have ever had in the past. This concerns me. Obviously I can't just run out and buy a cake if this doesn't turn out good.

So here I am waiting. Very impatiently I may add. Hoping and praying that this turns out decent.

I really don't want to make another cake tonight if it doesn't.....and I promised my sweet girl a special cake for her baptism day!

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