Saturday, June 11, 2011

Enjoy Life Review--mega chunks

I received a sample of Enjoy Life semi sweet chocolate Mega Chunks a few weeks ago. I debated what recipe they would be best in. The answer? Any of them!!

I actually ate a few right out of the bag as I was pondering what recipe I wanted to try them in first. Let me tell you even out of the bag, they are DELICIOUS!

I had to make myself put the bag down :)

I ended up using a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe as I thought it would highlight the mega chunks the best.

I love chocolate chips and have tried almost every kind on the market (allergen free and not). These chocolate chunks are the BEST I have ever eaten!

They are even better(if that's possible) in these cookies!

And if you need more convincing take a look at these pics of Hannah--she couldn't stop eating them. She said "these are the best cookies I've ever ate!"

We ALL loved them and will be buying them again in the VERY near future.

A huge thank you to Alina at Enjoy Life Foods for giving us this opportunity to try yet another GREAT product!

To find out more about Enjoy Life Foods and their great allergen free products visit their website

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